Our values

Creating value is at the foundation of Nettuno and with this in mind, we have developed the sustainability plan that guides us, a plan intended to maintain a balance between economic profitability, environmental conservation and social equality.

Our milestones

  • Ecolabel Certification

  • 100% Plastic-Free formulations

  • ISO 14001 Environmental Certification

  • Circular economy

  • Use of recycled materials

  • Reduced waste during production processes

  • Energy efficiency with led lights

  • Separate collection of waste

  • Reuse of produced water

  • Photovoltaic system

Nettuno joins the United Nations Global Compact

Since 2006 Nettuno has joined the United Nations Global Compact.

With this adhesion Nettuno commits itself to support, promote in its area of influence and integrate in its strategy the ten social and environmental principles, grouped in the Human Rights, concerning international labour standards, environmental conservation and the fight against corruption.

Nettuno supports the UN 2030 Agenda

On 25 September 2015, the 193 states of the UN General Assembly adopted the 2030 Agenda entitled "Transforming our world. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development". The agenda consists of 92 paragraphs. Paragraph 52 outlines the 17 Sustainable Development Goals affiliated with the 169 targets.
In this regard, Nettuno is committed to implement actions aimed at contributing to the achievement of the UN "Sustainable Development Goals" and integrate them into our business strategy, thereby supporting a real cultural change in the business world.

During 2019, an internal analysis was carried out in order to understand more precisely which objectives Nettuno contributes most to through its activities, sustainability objectives that sustainability objectives, which have been declined into areas of impact:

Intelligent use of energy

Efficient use of human resources

Innovation and competition in social development