Corporate profile

Nettuno is a leading Italian company in the production of professional cosmetic hand cleansers.


Our story began in 1970 in the province of Bergamo by Battista Fratus, who, after working in a local chemical company, threw his heart over the obstacle to achieve his dream: to create his own company, capable of generating shared wellbeing through work.

These were the years following the Italian economic miracle, a time of great changes in lifestyle and consumerism. For the founder of Nettuno, those were the years of rigorous self-taught study, of experiments in the home garage, of projects shared with his wife, his irreplaceable advisor, the times when having three small children to look after was not an obstacle to the realisation of a dream. On the contrary, the desire to offer them a better future was the driving force to face the new adventure with enthusiasm, dedication, sacrifice and even a touch of madness.

More than 50 years have passed since then, years in which the company has always acted with initiative and the ability to renew itself in order to meet the challenges of the market, combining tradition and innovation and succeeding in establishing itself as a leader in the sector of professional handwashing cleaners.

Today, the company is managed by the second and third generation, who, supported by a staff of capable and trustworthy collaborators, continue along the path they have traced, interpreters of an entrepreneurial vision that combines passion, technology and human capital, capable of reconciling economic profit with solidarity and attention to the territory, values that are still at the basis of the company's decisions.

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Our hands are the daily tools behind our actions and now more than ever we are conscious of the importance of taking care of them.

Nettuno is an ideal partner for those seeking a sanitising hand solution that is efficient, fast and high quality and which respects the environment, for those seeking the support of a reliable supplier who assists them to meet the needs of their clientele and to overcome the challenges of a continuously evolving market, for those who believe that the culture of hygiene means, in particular, a healthy environment.


Hand protection, cleansing and care have always been the primary objectives of our daily work.

Manufacturing products with ever-increasing quality standards is only possible thanks to constant technological innovation, to regular scientific research and significant investment in training the staff involved, who represent the most precious resource of our company.

Customer support is guaranteed by a network of attentive and dynamic agents and a qualified and competent sales office, both in constant dialogue with the production department, which in turn is frequently connected to the analysis laboratory and the logistics centre.

A well-established mechanism sustained by a relationship based on our clients’ trust, a process that promotes us from the role of simple supplier to that of business partner.

Nettuno Training

We firmly believe in the importance of training. For this reason, specific programmes have been set up not only for our own staff, but also for our agents and our customers' sales force.

In this way we aim to enhance the potential of ouremployees and promote the benefits of proper hand protection, washing and care procedures.