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Home Products Wall dispensers T-Small Dispenser 800 ml (foam)

T-Small Dispenser 800 ml (foam)

T-Small Dispenser 800 ml (foam)

The T-Small wall dispenser comes in 3 versions: Protection & Care, black-coloured, for dispensing protective and moisturizing creams; Professional Cleaning, white-coloured, for dispensing foam, spray and liquid; and Industrial, greycoloured, for dispensing gels and creams with micro-granules.
T-Small is equipped with the innovative “Easy Fix” system, an exclusive wall fixing system which means it can be removed and placed elsewhere with one easy movement without needing to disturb any fixing screws, making any operations in the substitution of the device, maintenance of the dispenser or of the wall behind it, really easy.
T-Small, can also be further personalized in each of the versions thanks to the scented buttons housed in the special frontal cavity, also available in 3 different fragrances and colours.

Available packages

90600 T-Small dispenser for foam soaps - white 6 18
90700 T-Small dispenser for foam soaps - black 6 18

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