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Protexsun Protection

Protexsun Protection

Protexsun is a high protection sunscreen, ideal for all those who work in the sun. 

- Sun Protection Factor 30
- Protects against UV-A and UV-B rays
- Helps preventing sunburns

- Prevents premature skin ageing
- Contains glycerin, creatine and vitamin E
- Paraben-free and silicone-free formula
- Dermatologically tested
- PPE in many EU countries, North America and Australia

Ideal for:
Construction workers
Agricultural workers and gardeners
Outdoor workers

Instructions for use: Rub generously the cream onto clean and dry skin before the exposure to UV radiation. If possible avoid intensive midday sun. Apply several times a day, especially in case of contact with water, in order to maintain the sun protection.

Recommended for

SUN PROTECTION - Workers exposed to solar radiation
UV-A AND UV-B PROTECTION - Workers exposed to UV-A and UV-B radiation


Available packages

00926 250 ml Bottle with flip-top 12 108
30600 T-S800 - 800 ml pouch 6 72