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Protexins Plus

Protexins Plus

Protexins Plus is a protective cream created specifically for hands and face with a new, innovative recipe: thanks to its multiple emulsifying system (Water/Oil/Water emulsion) this cream both protects and regenerates the skin. In addition to the protective properties of the emulsions, Protexins Plus stabilises the skin barrier congested by contact with other substances during work and facilitates its regeneration. The long-lasting moisturizing elements associated with bisabolol, the active principle of camomile, give Protexins Plus exceptional regenerating properties. The protective effect on the skin is based on the barrier regenerating properties of the oils and on the astringent properties of the tannins in hamamelis. The characteristics of Protexins Plus greatly reduce the macerating effect on the skin under occlusive work clothes or safety gear. Protexins Plus contains no dyes, silicone or fragrance: it is suitable for use in the food industry.

Fields of application:

  • chemical industry, constructions trades, mechanical industry (water-based substances)
  • ceramics and tiles
  • food industry and catering
  • gardening, horticulture
  • hairdressers, hair care

Protects from:

  • weak acids. alkalis, water-based solutions, cutting oils
  • water-based dyes
  • salts and detergents
  • concrete, lime, fertilizers
  • occlusive work clothes

Apply the cream on dry clean skin and let it absorb so as to form a thin, invisible film that prevents direct contact with the handled substances. In case of severe aggression repeat the application during the day. To remove the protective film at the end of the day wet the hands with hot water, apply soap and rinse.

CHARACTERISTICS: White cream with a delicate milky fragrance

Recommended for

WATER-BASED SUBSTANCES - Weak acids, Alkalis, Water-based solutions, Cutting oils, Water-based dyes, Salts and detergents, Concrete, Lime, Fertilizers, Occlusive work clothes


Available packages

00052 100 ml Tube 24 114
30800 T-S800 - 800 ml pouch 6 72