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Il Lavatute

Il Lavatute

Special liquid detergent designed to remove stubborn dirt and grease from overalls, aprons and work clothes of all kinds. Its characteristic is an extremely effective action in removing oil stains, grease, petroleum, used motor oil, etc. Can be used by hand or in the washing machine.  

INSTRUCTIONS: In the washing machine: washing temperature 75°, without presoaking. Use 250ml of the product (6 capfuls), the recommended quantity to wash 4/5 garments. By hand: pour the product directly on the most stubborn stains and brush energetically to emulsify the stains, then rinse.  

Liquid, aquamarine color, lemon-scented.

Recommended for

WORK CLOTHES - Overalls, aprons and work clothes of all kinds


Available packages

00111 3000 ml Tank 6 24