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NettunGel Orange

NettunGel Orange

Made from material of vegetable origin that, when associated with the traditional cleansing compound, makes it a unique product, Nettungel is the new development in hand cleaning gels and is well tolerated by the skin, in addition to being highly effective. It is recommended for machine shops, repair shops, building contractors, printing shops and the manufacturing industry. Nettungel is ideal for cleansing the hands from any kind of professional dirt.

Dispense the product onto your dry hands and rub until the dirt is emulsified, then rinse carefully.

NETTUNO strongly recommends to use the protective cream
PROTEXEM RINNOVA after washing your hands.

Orange gel, lemon/orange scented.

Recommended for

DRY DIRT - Paint, Enamel, Silicone, Rust, Graphite, Glue, Resin
GREASY DIRT - Grease, Oil, Lubricants, Hydrocarbons, Bitumen


Available packages

00136 1000 ml bottle with pump dispenser 12 40
00396 5000 ml T-box with pump dispenser 4 24
00792 3000 ml T-bag refill bag 6 27