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Manipulite Ecolabel

Manipulite Ecolabel

Manipulite Ecolabel is a universal hand cleanser. Its complex compound contains extracts of citrus skins, which give it greater degreasing power while maintaining the neutral pH of the product. Among its ingredients there is also a light, impalpable pumice stone capable of attacking every kind of stubborn dirt while respecting the health of the skin. ECOLABEL CERTIFIED.

INSTRUCTIONS: Dispense the product onto your dry hands and rub until the dirt is emulsified, then rinse carefully.

NETTUNO strongly recommends to use the protective cream PROTEXEM RINNOVA after washing your hands.

CHARACTERISTICS: Creamy ice-white gel, orange-scented.  

Manipulite Ecolabel is also available in the 3T LINE.

Recommended for

DRY DIRT - Paint, Enamel, Silicone, Rust, Graphite, Glue, Resin
GREASY DIRT - Grease, Oil, Lubricants, Hydrocarbons, Bitumen


Available packages

00872 1000 ml bottle with pump dispenser 12 40
00873 3000 ml T-box with pump dispenser 4 32

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