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The professional hand cleanser par excellence, MacroFluid is a concentrated cream of natural soaps, free of solvents and skin-friendly, containing plastic micro spheres. The natural protective action of the olive extracts contained in the product shields the skin from dryness and reddening, avoiding any alteration of its natural balance and making the product ideal for frequent use. Thanks to its high concentration of ingredients, MacroFluid eliminates all types of dirt: lubricants, mechanical grease, and also dyes and fresh paint. MacroFluid is recommended for those who need a product that is not just a cleanser, but also a degreaser for heavy duty, frequent use. A cartridge of MacroFluid serves for up to 1000 washes.  

Dispense the product onto your dry hands and rub until the dirt is emulsified, then rinse carefully.

NETTUNO strongly recommends to use the protective cream PROTEXEM RINNOVA after washing your hands. 

Dense green cream, with a pleasant flowery fragrance

Recommended for

GREASY DIRT - Grease, Oil, Lubricants, Hydrocarbons, Bitumen


Available packages

00499 6000 ml Cartridge 4 24