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La Rossa in Pasta

La Rossa in Pasta

This concentrated hand cleansing paste is ideal for mechanics, body shop workers and industrial use. The product does not harm the skin because it does not contain silicate sand and thanks to the moisturizing, protective action of sericin*, it leaves the hands soft and smooth. Recommended for stubborn, greasy dirt.  

Apply a few grams of paste onto your dry hands and rub together until all the dirt is emulsified, then rinse under running water.

Creamy red paste, sandalwood and patchouli fragrance.

*sericin: the noble protein that covers silk fibres and serves to protect and nourish them. It creates a protective film on the skin that keeps it soft, smooth and velvety. Sericin has a smoothing, moisturizing effect and it can fight the natural ageing of the skin by improving the skin’s balance.

Recommended for

GREASY DIRT - Grease, Oil, Lubricants, Hydrocarbons, Bitumen...


Available packages

00671 750 ml tub 12 36
00672 5000 ml bucket 4 21

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