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Creamy fluid hand cleanser with unique detergent and softening properties. The washing base is a combination of ingredients, free of solvents and of other substances harmful to the skin, but effective against dirt of any kind. MacroCream also contains fine micro-spheres of vegetable origin that add strength to the cleansing action. Its pH means it can be used as needed, without causing any reddening of the skin.  

Dispense the product onto your dry hands and rub until the dirt is emulsified, then rinse carefully.

NETTUNO strongly recommends to use the protective cream PROTEXEM RINNOVA after washing your hands. 

Dense light tan cream with a fruity-flowery fragrance. 

Recommended for

GREASY DIRT - Grease, Oil, Lubricants, Hydrocarbons, Bitumen...
DRY DIRT - Fresh Paint, Enamel, Silicone, Rust, Graphite, Glue, Resin...


Available packages

00175 1000 ml bottle with pump dispenser 12 40
00320 3000 ml T-Box with pump dispenser 4 32
00324 5000 ml T-Box with pump dispenser 4 24
00790 3000 ml T-bag refill bag for T-Big Dispenser and T-Duck 6 27
00100 6000 ml cartridge for MacroSystem dispenser 4 24
00262 3000 ml MacroCream T-Box with pump dispenser in Palbox 32 3
00263 3000 ml MacroCream T-Box with pump dispenser in Palbox 24 3