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Bactericidal handwash soap, certified by the Italian Department of Health, for those whose work requires total guaranteed hygiene. Developed to satisfy specific professional needs, Nexan is also ideal for domestic use, because it performs an effective disinfectant action guaranteed by the presence of Triclosan, an ingredient with a broad spectrum germicidal action on Gram + and Gram - bacteria. It also destroys and prevents the formation of unpleasant odours. Thanks to the glycerin in its pH, it protects the skin and maintains the physiological characteristics of the skin. The product is dermatologically tested and conforms to the following standards: EN 1040 CEN/TC 216 EN 1499, CEN pr EN 12054.  

INSTRUCTIONS: Dispense the soap onto your dry hands, rub for 30 seconds, then rinse carefully.  

Dense transparent liquid. Fragrance free.

Recommended for

MEDICAL-HOSPITAL ENVIRONMENTS - Hospitals, Doctor's offices, Veterinary surgeries, Dentists'...


Available packages

00471 1000 ml Bottle with pump dispenser 12 40
00472 5000 ml Tank 4 18