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  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas

    Nettuno staff wishes you a Merry Christmas and a great year 2018!

  • Nettuno aims at art

    Nettuno aims at art

    The GREAT RESTORATIONS programme of Fondazione Credito Bergamasco, in which Nettuno contributes as supporter, gives us a preview of the masterpieces in restoration at the Creberg palace (Bergamo).



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The new 3T Line designed by Nettuno aims to reduce plastic use by 90 % allowing you to save money and the environment.  


T-Box is a special package made in Italy, available in 3000 ml and 5000 ml formats. Created in 2007, T-box has an immediate visual impact being both innovative and modern. Its main feature is functionality, the pump being inserted ready for use and the special "T" handle makes the T-box portable. Adding an optional Stainless Steel support, T-box can be used as a wall dispenser. Moreover, T-box can be refilled time and time again avoiding plastic waste. T-Box can be refilled with T-Bag refill bags for the following products:
Linea Blanca Extrafluida, MacroCream, La Rossa in Crema, La Rossa in Gel, Nettungel Orange, Manipulite.

T-bag is a refill bag made of flexible plastic. It is fully silk screened and available for seven different products. Because it is light (only 40 gr), T-bag will allow you to save money, and the environment. T-bag is aimed to be used as a cartridge for the new T-big dispenser or to refill T-box package, giving the chance to purchase one article for two purposes.   T-Bag is available for the following products:
Linea Blanca Extrafluida, MacroCream, La Rossa in Crema, La Rossa in Gel, Nettungel Orange, ManipulitePuliman and Sammy 20/S. 


T-big is a strong and capacious wall dispenser. Tested for at least 50.000 doses of product. Covered by a warranty of 3 years. Replaced free of charge in case of manufacturing defect or component failure through normal use. Although it is directed toward industry, Nettuno has paid careful attention to its design, resulting in an attractive and neat product for the bathroom of any working environment. Its patented pump has been designed to supply any type of soap, even with abrasive microspheres.
T-big is equipped with an elbow lever that will allow the user not to touch the dispenser with dirty hands and to keep it clean and ready for the next use. T-big can be exclusively used with T-bag cartridges.